Online Dive Forums

Just the other day I was involved in another little run in with a moderator on one of the popular dive forums and it made me start to think about some of the posts and responses that I have seen.  We all know right from wrong and understand the golden rule of "do unto others as you would have others do unto you".  So why is it that when we are online, that all the normal self control and manners seem to get pushed to the side and forgotten?

I can honestly say that there is only one person in my entire life that I still have an issue with that has not yet been resolved.  I am not shy to step up and say what is on my mind and I will gladly do the same in person as online.

I see many posts where a member is calling others names and insulting them in various manners.  Would they do this in person if given the chance?  I pity the fool that thinks everybody will just stand there and listen to their rants.  Sometimes this is all in good fun between friends and that is not what I am referring to here.

I grew up in the mid west in an era where fist fighting was the normal way to solve a problem.  Of course we did not have to worry about someone bringing a gun to the fight since we all knew that everyone had a gun anyway. After the fight was over, we would all get up, wipe the dirt and mud of ourselves and go get a beer.  Problem solved and most of the time did not need to be addressed again.  I actually miss those days of simple problem solving.

In today’s politically correct world, there is no way that a fight can be used to settle a difference since there would no doubt end up being at least half a dozen different lawsuits and criminal charges.  Not that everyone would think about that first.

I would like to mention that you as a poster do not actually know who is on the other end of the computer that may be taking offense to what you type.  That person might not be a law abiding, civilized, passive, person.  You might just be opening up a can of kick-ass that you didn't plan on.

We have the privilege of these forums, they are not a right for us.  Please take the time to think out your responses before you post in haste and/or anger.

I will endeavor to do the same. 

As always - Have fun and Dive Safe