Might be Time for Formal Training

Well as the title states, it might be time for me to admit defeat and seek formal training.  I have been diving a CCR for several years and have managed through trial and error to get things sorted out fairly well.  It is this new OC aspect of cave diving that is causing me some serious stress.

I have heard many a diver mention that it is possible to get your sidemount setup dialed in without taking a dedicated course, but also that it works much quicker and the learning curve is greatly shortened by taking a course from a trained professional.

My main concerns come in these specific areas:

1 - Which way should I orientate the valves?

2 - What bungee to use and how to determine the proper length?

3 - Getting up the stairs is another biggie for me.  Do I go up with both tanks secured, one at a time, or what?

I am probably just being overly hard on myself and I may very well be able to get things sorted out shortly.  Just in case I finally break down completely and have to seek help.  Can any of you offer a recommendation for an instructor that can get me up to speed with this new Magna Cart?